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OK, there was no creative name for this post, that's why it was named what it was named.

OK, so an update about the mutant underground world.
A couple of weeks ago we were in a lab of our friends from the CMIA (Central Mutant Intelligence Agency) (name keeps changing, I'll update when they find one that sticks), we were in the middle of escaping from the guards, when we locked ourselves in a room. the room was fairly large with room to fight if needed, the door we came in was barricaded well enough to not worry about, the other door on the other hand had the sound of foot steps coming from it. Before any of the flock initiated their defensive acts, we heard yelling from the door and then gun shots and pounding on it, after a moment or two, the noise went quiet and for a moment we thought we were safe. After a moment of silence there was a loud banging on the door like a battering ram had hit it. The repeated pounding on the door caused the flock to go into defensive position, Shadow drew his katana, Ace lit his hands on fire with his pyrokinesis, Sonic started to vibrate, and I pulled my School invented, High tech Bullwhip (explained in next post) after which I stepped in front of Raven (our number one priority in terms of protection) (Stat was not with us at the current time). The door finally gave way and out of the shadows came a large figure looking huge, muscular and easily 7 feet tall, followed by a smaller figure, my height and build, and I could see a backwards baseball cap on his head. As the smoke and dust cleared, we could see the true forms of the figures, the tall one was a giant lizard like creature, read slits for eyes, razor sharp teeth, outfit similar to the "Incredible Hulk". The other person was human, baseball cap, human clothes and what appeared to be a pop-sickle in his mouth.
Quickly I stopped the battle that was about to unfold, I walked up to the giant lizard and his friend and then said.
"Done giving Dr. Rosswell a hard time, Jerico?"
The lizard man looked down at me at in surprise replied.
Talon? DUDE! Hows it Been?!
it turned out that the two people who had just a moment ago been major threats to our flock, just turned out to be my two partners from the "pre-Flock" era of my life. Jerico was a lizard hybrid from the same project that gave me my "rock skin" powers The shorter guy next to Jerico, his name was Ice Pop, he had the power to freeze any liquid into a solid just by blowing on it, his body could survive temperatures way colder than the north pole, and had veins containing a mix of water vapor and a natural chemical which did not freeze at -20 degrees Celsius. Ice Pop could spray from large pores in his mouth and wrists a spray that froze on contact with the target.
After explaining the situation to the flock, we said good bye to our new (well, for the rest of the flock anyway) friends.

There is more to explain, but there is no time for that now.
Until then,
Ride on, Eat well, and surround yourselves with Good Family and Great Friends,
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this is awesome,
from Talon

(nowhere do I make an appearance in the vid)

news report

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Ok, its been awhile but the school has not been active.....Or at least it hasn't bothered us anyway. a few weeks I was reading up on the school's database (they may not have been watching us, but I'm watching them) when I found a file and a recent news report.
German scientist, Jahanger Nacht, Former school scientist has escaped from a Honolulu Prison on September 1st 2010. You may be wondering what is significant about this scientist aside from the regular school morons, well this is one of the scientists who made me who I am. On march 13th 1994, a genetic mutation was created by Jahanger A. Nacht which would give the user the ability to literally harden his/her skin to a rock hard substance which is as hard as iron, yet as flexible as human skin. The "instant bullet proof armor" would be put into the genes of the school's super soldiers. the genetic mutation was called JahangerNachtism (creative, I know) once Mr. Nacht brought the mutation to the American school location, the name was changed to a similar sounding American word juggernaut-ism. the mutation was to be tested on an experiment "70184-080694", the only problem was that the "experiment" united with 6 other experiments including his twin brother, Yes experiment 70184-080694 is currently known as Rouge Talon.

That's all for now
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Well, not much has happened in the past several weeks. although the greatest thing was found (take a guess) (nuff said?) (eat it Ace). Oh!, since I am a flock member, I'm supposed to advertise environmental saving, so here it is. SAY NO TO THE SHAKE AND POUR PANCAKE MIX! IT IS A GIANT WASTE OF PLASTIC!
Water is a liquid, razors are sharp, and Frankie J. salutes you.
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